Daily Yinz – Lilac – Pinocchio pt. 1

Lilac’s music exists in a degraded cyberpunk hellscape, in which humans merge with machines and all are exploited by a technocratic elite.

Lilac’s most recent EP, ConVnet, is a concept album inspired by the twisted 1991 Japanese horror film 964 Pinocchio. The opening track, “Pinocchio pt. 1,” draws on classic body horror imagery as it describes the plight of the film’s titular character, a cyborg sex slave who is “wiped and rejected” because he “can’t keep erection.” Musically, the song is a mixture of rusted-out buzzsaw guitars, video game bass lines, and frantic techno beats. Lilac’s vocal harmonies, though, are deceptively sweet, and the melody is as catchy and shouty as any pop-punk track. Strap in for a dystopian thrill ride.

Check out more from Lilac and follow on social media if you can find them (I couldn’t)


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