Daily Yinz – County Conservation District – Transmission From Tokyo

County Conservation District (the musical alias of Pittsburgh artist Stephen Matejka, who is also the force behind the Autumn Sounds tape label) provides some placidity on this Monday morning.

CCD recently released “Transmission From Tokyo” as part of a split with Iowa’s Bob Bucko Jr. The ambient track sounds like the morning sun swell of the intro to Volcano Choir’s “Tiderays” stretched out like a piece of silly putty–until it runs for over ten minutes–and overlaid with faint snippets of dialogue. It’s the feeling of emerging from a peaceful dream, the radio on in the background loud enough to hear but too faint to understand, and lying with your eyes closed for that one blissful second before you actually wake up and remember all of the shitty things in the world. “Transmission”s gentle drift brought my heart rate down a few BPMs this morning, and for that I am grateful.

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