Daily Yinz – TRVSS – scale model citizen in a scale model town

Pittsburgh noise punks TRVSS follow up last year’s frenetic debut, ABSENCE, with New Distances, a mathy affair that manages to crush even harder than the first one did.

Where ABSENCE galloped, New Distances stomps and lurches, easing up on the throttle a bit so that the music has room to breathe. I’m not talking deep or relaxing breaths, mind you (this is TRVSS, after all), but something longer than ABSENCE‘s brief gasps for air. The atonal abrasion remains, but it’s mashed into more unusual shapes. “Scale model citizen in a scale model town” opens with a winding doom riff before riding a brief, computer-crash guitar break into a punk verse, guitarist Daniel Gene’s voice warped into a distorted sneer atop a gritty, intricate bass figure. Near the end, the doom riff reappears, slows down, and then erupts into a punishing crescendo. The band cuts loose, pushing things to early-Mogwai levels of cacophonous churn before fading into feedback. This is excellent, loud music that can be enjoyed both viscerally and intellectually.

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