Daily Yinz – Deej – Top Boy

Pittsburgh singer/rapper Deej is back with “Top Boy,” a single that you’ll soon hear blaring from car windows all across the city.

As far as I know, the song’s title refers not to the British crime drama series, nor a child’s version of the British clothing store, but instead to the object of Deej’s affection, a dude who racks up dollar signs and “a hundred plays a day.” Even though the guy is doing well financially, this isn’t a relationship of convenience (Deej assures, “You ain’t gotta give me nothing/I got my own hundreds”), but one of mutual respect and affection. Deej adopts a nimble flow here, sticking mostly to staccato melodic passages but relaxing a few times into a swirling, exhalatory croon that hits like a waft of air conditioning on a hot day. The rising, two-note cadence that Deej uses on the song’s titular phrase is one of the most incessant earworms you’ll hear this summer. Plus, the song comes with a sleek, well-produced video (directed by Starr Named Marr); check it out below.

Buy “Top Boy” on Apple Music

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