Daily Yinz – Kid A – Return To Peace (prod. Es-K)

Veteran Pittsburgh rapper Kid A (also known as Everything Makes Sense or EMS) partners with Vermont producer Es-K for the reflective “Return To Peace.”

The single acts as Kid A’s emergence from a period of spiritual and musical hibernation. At war with his own mind and disillusioned with artists he had previously respected, the rapper found himself “far away,” “roaming the streets” with “bloodshot eyes galore.” Like the prodigal son, though, he has returned, backed by a jazzy Es-K beat and armed with some truly elegant turns of phrase. He raps, “Swimming through the dreams that all the kings created” and “When I shed tears, it rains,” displaying a knack for evocative, surreally sanctified imagery. There’s a message in here for the doubters as well: “You probably never noticed I was missing/So when I reappear, be prepared, ‘cuz it’s over now.” Clearly, Kid A has a lot to say; he just needed some time to gather his breath.

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