Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – In Spring

Bishop Ivy is a Pittsburgh-based artist who blankets sleek pop compositions in lush, ambient production.

The word “if” is one of the English language’s most painful, its two letters conjuring all sorts of alternate universes, most of them better than the one we inhabit. Bishop Ivy begins “In Spring,” the highlight from his May EP, Limbo, by singing, “If I met you again, I would cherish the days,” implying that reality ran a different course. However, later passages find Bishop sighing, “She brings out the gold in me,” and expressing his devotion to someone who “augments me, like a crossover movie.” The twinges of regret mingle with the sublimely romantic, past and present blurring into one, giving the song a dreamlike quality, like an old home video remastered for widescreen glory and outfitted with a glossy soundtrack. “In Spring” beautifully channels the meltings and bloomings, the simultaneous beginnings and endings, of its namesake season.

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