Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness

Emilio Rizzo (aka Fuzznaut) is a Pittsburgh guitar sorcerer whose live rendition of “Form Is Emptiness,” the title track from Fuzznaut’s stark, glacial 2019 release, premieres today on Bored In Pittsburgh.

As Fuzznaut, Rizzo plays solo, allowing his downtuned, heavily distorted guitar chords to creep through empty space like the tentacles of some primordial leviathan. On “Form Is Emptiness,” Rizzo broods over molten doom riffs for much of the track’s nine-ish minutes, at times taking flight to the higher frets for some ringing, trebly chords that could find a second home in a dream-pop song. The song displays Rizzo’s versatility as a guitarist, and the video proves that it is in fact possible for one person to create such a hulking sonic beast.

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