Daily Yinz – Merce Lemon – Those Eyes

Merce Lemon, a Pittsburgh artist who specializes in warm, homespun balladry, is slated to release her latest album, Moonth (Crafted Sounds/Darling Recordings), in mid-August.

“Those Eyes,” one of the album’s first singles, sounds like Soccer Mommy by way of Steve Belfer’s “Seaweed” theme from Spongebob. Bluesy acoustic guitar, tinged with old saloon smoke, introduces a glittering bedroom waltz that fixates on an especially entrancing pair of peepers, ones that contain a “powerful stare with a drop of despair.” The song is elusive, with Merce’s voice rising, dipping, and shifting around a central melody that stays just out of reach. Gently jangling guitar is complemented by piano and fiddle, further adding to the sepia-toned, lonesome trails vibe. Forgot plain old bedroom pop, this is Little Bedroom On The Prairie pop. Stay tuned for the release of Moonth, proceeds from which will benefit a to-be-determined Pittsburgh-based community organization.

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