Daily Yinz – D r a g o n C e n t u r y 9 9 – Rafflesia

D r a g o n C e n t u r y 9 9 is a Pittsburgh vaporwave artist who recently contributed to Helpin Aht! Records’s BAIL compilation.

Rafflesia blooms can grow up to 3 feet across!!

DC99’s July 3rd release, Floralisms, contains “songs about flowers of all types: digital, mystical, and more.” The Y2K-core compositions found here, which sound like they’re being piped into a cavernous doctor’s office waiting room through a dollar-store speaker, do have an uncannily lush feel in spite of their faded, tinny exterior. Polypropylene synths ring and echo into the digital expanse, blooming outward like pixelated plants. “Rafflesia” sounds like the hollowed-out shell of an 80’s anthem, complete with gated reverb drums that would thwack if they ever finished rendering. Chilly melodic hits creep along overtop, flitting about like CPU insects in the background of an old Nintendo game. To listen is to stroll through a minimalist garden made entirely out of synthetic materials.

Check out more from D r a g o n C e n t u r y 9 9 and follow them on social media


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