Song Premiere – Sheridan Woika – I Explode

Singer/songwriter Sheridan Woika releases the cathartic “I Explode” as the first single from his upcoming album, Playing House.

Exemplifying Woika’s penchant for confessional balladry, the song rides swells of organ as it builds from a hushed acoustic reverie into a soaring ode to combustible inner turmoil. Horns join in after a while, buoying Woika ever upward as he layers his voice over itself in a jumbled, chaotic choir. After waxing poetic about shelter, love, and mind-dwelling ghosts, he issues a warning: “You’ll be scared of me when I explode.” The song is messy, just like life. We have no director appointed to feed us lines, cue us in, or set us on the right path; as Woika puts it, “Nobody calls action.” In lieu of order, all we can do is explode.

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