Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Pittsburgh’s Out for Duckets Entertainment has a knack for summer romance tunes, with singer/rapper Lucid Vizions’s “Notice Me” representing another breezy entry in the label’s catalogue.

Anyone who’s ever had a crush on another person will feel this song, because it pines harder than a Christmas tree farm (terrible pun, I know). An understated instrumental allows Lucid Vizions herself to take center stage, and she kicks things off with a suitably yearning chorus (I already know I’ll be humming it to myself all day) before launching into a breakneck, melodic flow that brings to mind PartyNextDoor at his most agile. Rapper Moo Wupp stops by for a verse to pledge his devotion, celebrating a duo that “comes from the trenches” but is destined for great things. “Notice Me” is an effortlessly enjoyable first entry from a rising artist.

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