Daily Yinz – Samurai Velvet – Siren

Samurai Velvet are a Pittsburgh duo, comprising singer Saige Smith and producer Joe Chilcott, whose debut single, “Siren,” dropped last week.

The slinky track slowly unfurls itself from murky, bass-filled depths (much like the sirens of Homeric mythology rose, tantalizing, from the sea), gradually adding layers of austere percussion as it builds to its hook, a manipulated “Doo-doo-doo” vocal sample that sounds like something DJ Snake would come up with if he weren’t pandering to drop-hungry Kandi Kids. Saige Smith, her voice both icy and smoldering, addresses a significant other; her ascending, filigreed melody on the line, “Visions of a fire flame when you move” suggests some James Blakey territory, but her refrain (“Take me where you want/I know what you want”) is pure, sultry R&B. Hard to pin down but easy to listen to, “Siren” is an impressively polished debut from the duo.

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