Daily Yinz – King Catfish – Neptune Street

King Catfish are a Pittsburgh rock trio whose Americancer album dropped on July 3rd.

The jittery “Neptune Street” is chock full of nervous, check-over-your-shoulder guitar riffs that close in like the walls of a paranoid fever dream. Frontman Jordan Barone, in full cold-sweat mode, frantically yelps, “Lately/I’ve seen/Some strange things/Some strange me’s,” like he’s been possessed by the spirit of an insomniac Frank Black. When Barone takes things down a notch to seethe, “Can I be alone?” over and over, you get the feeling that he’s both making a request and mulling the horror of an isolated existence. A lively guitar solo provides some release, but the song still ends with Barone howling, “Why oh why!?”, so there’s clearly angst to spare. “Neptune Street” is the perfect soundtrack to a bout of quarantine cabin fever.

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