Daily Yinz – Drauve – LMK

Pittsburgh dream-pop duo Drauve returns with the rippling slow dance lament “LMK.”

The shimmering, kaleidoscopic textures that characterized Drauve’s 2019 output are still there, but those crystalline guitars and ambling, late-summer-stroll-around-the-neighborhood drums have been mostly replaced by warm synth programming pulled straight from Napoleon Dynamite’s prom playlist. A four-on-the-floor beat, coated in pastel-colored, fog machine keyboard tones, provides a backdrop for singer Victoria Draovitch to lay bare her early-morning insecurities. Her sighing refrain (“You said you’d let me know when you got home last night/I hate the feeling,”) brings to mind the swooning, resigned melancholy of 80’s-inspired groups like Chromatics and Keep Shelly In Athens. Sway under an imaginary disco ball and allow “LMK” to envelop you with its dusky sadness.

Check out more from Drauve and follow them on the social media things

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