Daily Yinz – PK Delay – When I Die

PK Delay, a Pittsburgh rapper who spent his 2019 releasing 365 songs in 365 days (yes, you read that right), dropped his Life on Expert project in late May.

The album is by turns triumphant, moody, and introspective; PK celebrates life and mourns death, often in successive breaths, conviction and despair blending together in an intoxicated rush. The subdued, twinkling “When I Die” finds PK at his most downcast, as he sing-raps, “Fighting my demons at night/Couldn’t go to sleep if I tried.” He conveys the omnipresent sense of loss that follows him with the succinct, affecting observation, “Every day I need closure.” His slurred refrain (“I just wanna be free when I die”) can be interpreted as both a hopeful prayer for absolution and a desperate wish for the end of earthly pain; the statement’s ambiguity imbues the song with a haunting power.

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