Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – BACKBREAKER

Pittsburgh punk-rap firebrand Saani Mac released his Sick Sad World Demo in response to the nationwide uprising against police brutality and racism.

Opening track “BACKBREAKER” is a warning volley set to a grimy instrumental that sounds like “Boyz-N-The-Hood” by way of Gesaffelstein. The song’s refrain speaks for itself; Saani proclaims, “Fuck a cop and most white people too/Fuck the law, fuck the judge, fuck the courtroom too,” before vowing to defend himself in the case of violent provocation. He points out the absurdity of a country that built its wealth on the backs of black people and now asks them to sit quietly while police officers occupy their communities and threaten their lives. It’s a powerful statement of defiance in the face of oppression.

Purchases of Sick Sad World will be donated by the artist to bail funds around the country. Follow the link here to purchase.

Check out more from Saani Mac and follow him on Instagram

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