Daily Discovery 05.11.20

Cuerpos Cósmicos - Rain French dream-pop artist Cuerpos Cósmicos creates wistful, elusive atmospheres using only her voice and a laptop. "Rain," the title track from CC's latest release (out today on the Choléra Cosmique label), uses diaphanous swaths of melody and stuttery, ghost-of-last-night's-rave synths as the base for a meditation on loss and redemption. ### … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.11.20

Daily Yinz – Rex Tycoon – Birthday Cake

Rex Tycoon (not to be confused with Rex Kwon Do or Rex Orange County or RollerCoaster Tycoon) are a Pittsburgh indie rock act whose recently released 2020 demo has that wonderfully raw, iPhone-voice-memo quality. Amid pixelated guitar strums that alternately scorch and caress, Rex Tycoon frontman Austin Reesman waxes bored and exhausted about bad habits, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Rex Tycoon – Birthday Cake

Two Dorks In A Room – A Q+A With The Beer-Fueled Experimenters of Sober Clones

Picture provided by artist Sober Clones are a psych-pop duo (formed by members of Pittsburgh's own Speed Plans and Barlow) whose February debut album features tight, wickedly catchy tunes filtered through layers of fuzz. Ethan and George, the two guys behind the operation, were kind enough to answer some questions for Bored In Pittsburgh. Check … Continue reading Two Dorks In A Room – A Q+A With The Beer-Fueled Experimenters of Sober Clones

Daily Discovery 05.07.20

Fossil Hunting Collective - The Return to Clocks Ontario ambient artist Fossil Hunting Collective is back with Aperture, a full-length released as part of Whitelabrecs's Home Diaries series. The slowly eddying guitar chords and spindly drone note that anchor "The Return to Clocks" could soundtrack a mournful Western, one that takes place not in the … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.07.20

Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – Second Level

Lando Ash is a Pittsburgh rapper whose song "Second Level," included on last year's Unicorn project, received the video treatment in March. The video starts with a fake-out--a menacing intro whose beat sounds like a big ol' robot striding towards you--before stopping on a dime and morphing into the song proper, an unabashed self-fulfillment anthem … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – Second Level

Daily Yinz – Morgan Erina – Are You Happy

Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter Morgan Erina makes autumnal music that gives off that feeling of warm, comfy sadness. Erina's latest single, "Are You Happy," conjures some serious "For Emma" vibes, especially the interaction between acoustic and slide guitar, the former instrument delicate and precise, the latter silvery and glinting as it flows down over the fingerpicked latticework … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Morgan Erina – Are You Happy

Daily Discovery 05.04.20

The Swedish Railway Orchestra - Brendan Gleeson The Swedish Railway Orchestra does not serenade wealthy Scandinavian train passengers as they ride through the Alps. Instead, it spends its time in Dublin, Ireland, cranking out jittery, LCD Soundsystem-inspired disco punk. "Brendan Gleeson," named for the In Bruges and 28 Days Later dude, is mantra-like in its … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.04.20

Daily Yinz – Rocket Loves Blue – The Great Indoors

Rocket Loves Blue is a country music duo that has teamed up with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to provide assistance to area families during COVID-19. Any donation to the Pittsburgh Food Bank scores you a download to Rocket Loves Blue's new song, "The Great Indoors." It's a gentle front-parlor stomp complete with rolling, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Rocket Loves Blue – The Great Indoors

Bored In Pittsburgh April 2020 Playlist

A playlist containing some of the songs featured on Bored In Pittsburgh this past month. It’s been yet another garbage month, but at least music continues to exist. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Pkf80tCcsYGtSdBe2BM0y?si=tgErrzHcT8iP4YrHVigqQw April 2020 songs that aren’t on Spotify (and where to find them) Leila Rhodes - Me, Myself, and Sound Peace Talks - Vanity Brothamans - Wassup … Continue reading Bored In Pittsburgh April 2020 Playlist