Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – Eye Don’t Know Why

Saani Mac is a Pittsburgh artist who unleashes fractured barrages of punk-influenced rap music.

Saani’s new EP, Eye Don’t Know Why, includes the title track, some remixes, and, as a bonus, the song’s acapella and instrumental tracks, in case any aspiring DJs want to take a crack at a re-edit. The song itself portrays a person in the throes of confusion and despair; Saani chants, “Sometimes I feel like life ain’t real,” while a Yeezus-esque synth skronks away in the background. It’s a full 75 seconds before the beat drops, and when it finally stomps in with pummeling ferocity, it seems to invigorate Saani and send him down an anarchist rabbit hole, as he immediately proclaims, “Fuck every cop that ever did their job/Fuck every bank that never got robbed,” before hitting a more reverent tone with mentions of Antwon Rose and the Christchurch mosque attack. With the “world in shambles,” Saani sits removed, observes, blows a cloud of smoke, and shrugs, “I don’t know why,” while striving toward greatness with a small circle of compatriots. The accompanying video is suitably chaotic.

Check out more from Saani Mac and follow him on Instagram


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