Daily Yinz – Good Sport – Overrated

Ryan Hizer’s Good Sport specializes in maximalist synth anthems that elicit bouts of bittersweet dance floor rapture.

Good Sport is set to release a new album, Boring Magic (Misra Records), in July. “Overrated,” one of the album’s first singles, places melancholy, Gorillaz-esque vocals and celestial keyboards atop a base of booming, Funky Bunch drums and plosive (b-b-b-b-BUH) ad-libs, creating a sense of tonal ambivalence that might be jarring if it weren’t so epic. The track also contains video game sounds, long samples of a dude talking about card tricks, and that robot voice that Daft Punk uses. During the song’s digital power ballad chorus, Hizer murmurs, “Some things are overrated.” That may be true, but this song is not one of those things.

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