Daily Discovery 05.19.20

PcaSoul – Mattress

Out on NYC’s Mobile Kitchen Sound label is BATCHA MAMA, a series of freestyles from Washington Heights singer/songwriter PcaSoul. “Mattress” sees the artist channeling TLC, Frankie Valli (by way of Lauryn Hill), and Bon Iver as she alternately raps and sings over a subtle DJ Prince strut. It’s a nice stream-of-consciousness bedroom jam for the beginning of the hot weather days.


ÉSSO – Animal

“Animal,” a track from Chicago’s ÉSSO, was set to be included on the Latin funk outfit’s new album, Xicago. Due to the lack of performance opportunities resulting from the whole COVID thing, though, the band will now be releasing an album track each month instead of the entire thing all at once. “Animal” is a strong first offering, as it whips itself into a frenzy of wah-wah guitar licks and zesty horn bursts. The lyrics are a plea, sung in Spanish, for the sun and moon gods to relieve pain. I’d imagine that the combo of celestial beings and energetic music works markedly better than Advil.


The Perfect Trip – Who Is The Paisley Boy?

Boston’s The Perfect Trip makes pastoral psych-folk that sounds like the result of Van Morrison passing out some magic mushrooms during his Astral Weeks sessions. “Who Is The Paisley Boy?” the band asks on their self-titled February release. I’m still not totally sure, but the journey that they undertake in order to find out features rollicking acoustic guitar, spooky organ, and extended instrumental breaks full of intricate jazz chords. The perfect blend of technical and whimsical, it could soundtrack the maddest of tea parties.



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