Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon -Sun Beam War Ship

Moemaw Naedon is a Pittsburgh rapper and producer whose new instrumental project, Dismal Spring, is heavy on the analog grit.

Whenever I walk around Pittsburgh, I feel like I see Moemaw Naedon stickers everywhere I look, plastered on overpasses, lamp posts, unspecified piles of rubble, what have you. The dude is ubiquitous. Something else that’s ubiquitous right now is bad news, so it’s fitting that Moemaw’s new instrumental project is called Dismal Spring. Despite the lugubrious title, the music is quirky and lively in its own, unhurried way, featuring dusty drum loops overlaid with grainy snatches of synth and the occasional processed vocal sample. “Sun Beam War Ship” centers on a freewheeling, acid-fried melody that roves around a boom-bap beat like a discombobulated cartoon character. Even without a human voice rapping overtop, the instrumental contains a ton of personality and charm; maybe spring doesn’t have to be entirely dismal after all.

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