Daily Discovery 05.18.20

Nicole Atkins – Domino

Nicole Atkins‘s upcoming album, Italian Ice, was inspired by the magic of the Jersey Shore (the place, not the show). The cooly apocalyptic disco-funk track, “Domino,” one of the album’s first singles, sees Atkins warn, “Time is up/This message will self-destruct,” like a secret agent zipping down the boardwalk on roller skates, ready to scale a roller coaster and defeat some baddies.


Lichen Gumbo – Clustered

Finland’s Lichen Gumbo makes squishy electronic music that carries just the faintest trace of traditional rock music structure. “Clustered,” off the album Altered Village, contains an array of computerized squelches that bleep away while a robotic voice intones unintelligible things. The song sounds like it’s dissolving in a pool of alien slime.


Theta – The Poet/Sabba

Milan, Italy’s Theta creates “loud noise for mentally weak people.” “The Poet/Sabba,” from This Is Modern Witchcraft, stretches proggy guitar notes and harmonies to their breaking point, droning away like a sluggish lava flow. If the Brown Note actually exists, you can probably find it somewhere within this song’s nine and a half minutes.



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