Daily Yinz – Same – Bluish

Same are a Pittsburgh indie rock act that dreamified a guitar-heavy sound for their latest release.

Plastic Western (Lauren Records) sparkles in places where previous Same entries may have brooded or churned. The rambling, start-stop sway of “Bluish” reminds me of something you’d hear from the exurban emo-folkers of Pittsburgh’s own String Machine, whose Death of the Neon also explored the exhaustion that arises from modern living (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both records’ titles feature substances associated with tacky indulgence). “Bluish” sees Same bassist Jesse Caggiano sing, through a haze of rustling cymbals, meandering guitar, and brittle keyboard plunks, “So show nobody your face/Glowing skin/A bluish, phone-fried mind/Everybody leaves you alone sometimes.” I’m often bemused to look down and find myself scrolling down my phone screen, halfway through some dumb article before I’ve realized that I’m even reading it. The bluish light comes for us all, and Same has crafted a dreamy, melancholy warning for the occasion.

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