Daily Yinz – Isis – Rack$ On Me

Isis is a Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist whose gritty, aspirational debut single, “Rack$ on Me,” dropped in April.

The song is a melancholy, piano-led ballad featuring autobiographical verses packed with stark, specific details, and a refrain that re-imagines your standard money boast as a mantra for future success. Isis talks about growing up scrappy, remembering “nights my stomach hurt/’cuz ain’t no food up in the kitchen” and pouring up some Actavis (Future style) as a way to combat her demons. She bluntly sums up the experience of poverty when she sings, “Without money/Ain’t no happiness,” a statement that can in fact be backed up with science. Living with hardship for so long has made Isis defiantly optimistic, though; as she puts it, “From the bottom, so I can’t fall.” She resolves to keep pushing until she has enough money to lift up herself and her family, and “Rack$ On Me” is an auspicious start to the journey.

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