Daily Discovery 05.13.20

ShrapKnel – Ghostface Targaryen (Willie Green Remix)

NYC’s ShrapKnel, a collaboration between wordsmiths Curly Castro and PremRock, saw its March debut remixed to create Flechette, which dropped this week. For two rappers already acquainted with going in over unusual beats, an album of remixes feels like a natural extension of their sound. Especially effective is Willie Green‘s take on the post-apocalyptic sprawl of “Ghostface Targaryan,” which swaps the original’s anguished jabs of sound for blissed-out arpeggios and muted horns. The lyrics, of course, remain fire.


Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings – Zellerbach

Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings are (is?) actually just one person: Berkeley, CA jazz dude Elihu Knowles. “Zellerbach” is the first single from Aaron Space’s upcoming debut, and it’s a truly unusual introduction; a moody radio transmission from Planet Noir that blends the dryness of faraway drums, ambient chirps, and underwater melodies with the drama of swooning strings and soulful vocals that manage to evoke both Oliver Sim and David Sylvian. Escape to other worlds for a few minutes.


OK Seas – Fourth

Portsmouth, UK’s OK Seas composed and recorded Organs + Percussion #1-5 in one day, using not much more than, you guessed it, organs and percussion. On “Fourth,” organs + percussion + twinkling bells + static = some dreamily meditative ambient music.



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