Daily Yinz – Heirloom – Roses

Heirloom makes emo-tinged rock music that is both jagged and elegant; the group’s debut, Figures in Dust, dropped last month.

On “Roses,” the album’s closer, clean guitar spreads outward like ripples in an otherwise still pond, before the band explodes into a soaring passage that features powerful harmonies between frontwoman Candice McDermott and guitarist Stephen Jarrett. The back end of the song sees the band cycle through several more distinct movements; the switch-ups aren’t jarring or manic enough to be considered pure calculator-core, instead bringing to mind the fluid complexity of post-emo. The whole thing held together by some truly impressive drumming from James Knoerl, who has the ability to toss interesting fills into just about any spot. Strong stuff from an up-and-coming band.

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