Daily Discovery 05.11.20

Cuerpos Cósmicos – Rain

French dream-pop artist Cuerpos Cósmicos creates wistful, elusive atmospheres using only her voice and a laptop. “Rain,” the title track from CC’s latest release (out today on the Choléra Cosmique label), uses diaphanous swaths of melody and stuttery, ghost-of-last-night’s-rave synths as the base for a meditation on loss and redemption.


GUDSFORLADT – Do Not Be Lulled That You Do Not See Open Flames

Los Angeles black metal act GUDSFORLADT howls against the fascist elements that rear their heads in our culture and around the world. The towering “Do Not Be Lulled That You Do Not See Open Flames” closes GUDSFORLADT’s Possible Realms; it sounds like Xasthur‘s claustrophobic despair being channeled through Slint‘s winding riffage and Modern Life Is War‘s crushingly poetic crescendos. It’s a shot of urgency across our collective bow.


Tokyo.Extraordinaire – Say What You Want

Tallahassee’s Tokyo Extra0rdinaire makes moody, trap-tinged R&B flavored with some of the nicest vocal quavers I’ve heard since Fetty Wap let out his first, “Yaaaaaah baby.” “Say What You Want,” from Tokyo’s new Clickin’ album, incorporates a scorching guitar into its slinky, dismissive refrain. The vibes are heavy with this one.



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