Daily Yinz – Rocket Loves Blue – The Great Indoors

Rocket Loves Blue is a country music duo that has teamed up with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to provide assistance to area families during COVID-19.

Any donation to the Pittsburgh Food Bank scores you a download to Rocket Loves Blue’s new song, “The Great Indoors.” It’s a gentle front-parlor stomp complete with rolling, fingerpicked guitar, weeping pedal steel, references to Patsy and Maybelle, and a soulful vocal turn from frontwoman Nikki Moulios. The song works both within and outside the context of the current situation; the chorus (“I think I’ll stay home tonight/And just let it pour/You know the world outside don’t make sense to me no more”) is both a PSA for people to get their social distancing on and something that could resonate with any weary listener at any time. The Rocket Loves Blue folks are taking advantage of their downtime, firing up “the songs we once loved long ago” and pouring a tall glass of whiskey. Sounds about as alright as can be right now (and whenever, to be honest).

Check out more from Rocket Loves Blue and follow them on social media

This is usually where the song would go, but you’ve gotta donate to hear it, so get to that website if you can!

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