Daily Discovery 05.04.20

The Swedish Railway Orchestra – Brendan Gleeson

The Swedish Railway Orchestra does not serenade wealthy Scandinavian train passengers as they ride through the Alps. Instead, it spends its time in Dublin, Ireland, cranking out jittery, LCD Soundsystem-inspired disco punk. “Brendan Gleeson,” named for the In Bruges and 28 Days Later dude, is mantra-like in its fixation on a minimal groove and the phrase, “Let me be me.” Gleeson is not to be trifled with, so best let him be him, and bust a move.


The Jazz Messiahs – Sitting On Diamonds Digging For Copper

The Jazz Messiahs, a group of eclectic, seasoned musicians, dive deep into everyone’s Mystic Souls with their debut album. “Sitting On Diamonds Digging For Copper” features a rhythm section that sounds like a mining pan clanging against a rock, along with a breathy flute and some velvet noodles of guitar. Like the song’s title implies, in a topsy-turvy world, perhaps it makes sense to forego flash in favor of a workmanlike groove.


Aurora Lou – Tiny Ocean

On her debut album, Ojai, CA’s Aurora Lou has crafted a realm called Druid Hell (which I’d imagine is actually quite sunny and colorful). “Tiny Ocean,” the release’s second track, rides waves of lo-fi guitar filth as it makes its merry way around a tiny sonic bedroom. Aurora, perhaps a druid cloaked in long, fuzzy robes, truly puts the power in power-pop.



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