Daily Discovery 05.02.20

Kiezin – Universe Calling

Montgomery, AL’s Kiezin supplies the wavy hip-hop beats on his new release, We Posted. “Universe Calling,” built around an airy melodic loop and some stutter-step drums, contains a faint, tinny ringing sound in the background that does in fact bring to mind a transmission beaming in from another galaxy. Pick up the phone and enjoy.


Ashtray Navigations – Unwinding Snake

English experimenters Ashtray Navigations have been at it for nearly 30 years at this point, with a creativity drought nowhere in sight. “Unwinding Snake,” from the recently-released It Was The Start Of Another Strange Week, coils itself around a hypnotic guitar drone that sounds like some machine you’d hear buzzing away at a construction site. All manner of odd sounds are layered overtop. Strange music for many strange weeks.


Crystal Beth – Water Song

Seattle’s Crystal Beth, accompanied by her Boom Boom Band, wields her clarinet like a magic wand to create unearthly, genre-defying compositions. “Water Song” is a placid, standalone track, a swell of amplified woodwind that sounds like it’s floating up from a cavern far beneath the earth’s surface. Created as a kind of sonic meditation, it massages the eardrums and eases the mind.


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