Daily Yinz – Dejah Monea – F*ck You Very Much

Dejah Monea is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who recently dropped one of the more scathing breakup tracks I’ve heard in a while.

“Fuck You Very Much” is a smooth, slow-burn rebuke of a lyin’, cheatin’ partner, an archetype as old as music itself. Monea is mad as hell at someone, and she’s willing to go into specifics while striding down the war path. Doesn’t mean the song isn’t a fun listen, though; Monea’s melismatic, coolly biting vocals are backed by wonky synth twists and a rhythm section that sounds like a bunch of wooden blocks being shaken together in a burlap sack. Even though the song is written as a romantic kiss-off, the sentiment behind it can be applied to any situation. “Fuck you very much” is pretty much what I think every time I check the news and see hordes of gun-toting boomers marauding around state capitols, so this track resonated with me on some (probably unintended) level. Plus, it comes with a montage of movie scenes featuring the classic one finger salute. Catharsis is best served cold.

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