Daily Yinz – Aysie – Memory Lane

Aysie is a Pittsburgh singer, rapper, and songwriter who has dropped some excellent singles over the past few years.

Aysie, like Nas did 26 years ago, takes listeners on a trip down “Memory Lane” with a rough track that dropped on her Soundcloud several weeks back. An instrumental built around glassy synth, grumbling bass, and twinkling bells acts as a lo-fi backdrop for Aysie to take a look in the rearview and spend a few minutes thinking about her childhood. Homespun details abound: PB&J, Teletubbies, fights with siblings over prime couch position, back-to-school-blues, butts whooped by Mom and ankles busted from Razor scooters (RIP).

Aysie also takes the time to give thanks for a family that remains close and supportive despite growing physically apart over the years; they’re always a profane, motivational phone call away.

I’m sure that Aysie isn’t alone in her wish to escape from “shit [that’s] getting pretty hectic, like a hurricane”–be it COVID-19 shit, personal shit, money shit, or what have you–and reminisce on simpler times. So, use “Memory Lane” as your own inspiration to think some happy, nostalgic, hazy thoughts today.

Check out more from Aysie and follow her on social media

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