Daily Yinz – The Dead End Streets (ft. Stevee Wellons)- The Time Has Come

The Dead End Streets are a Pittsburgh roots rock band who are joined by veteran blues singer Stevee Wellons and the Weapons of Brass Destruction ensemble for an urgent rallying cry.

“The Time Has Come,” a soulful, anthemic call to change, addresses the many scourges of police brutality, gun violence, sexual assault, and anti-immigrant racism. Lyrically, it’s not an easy listen, as these topics are addressed bluntly and without window dressing, but the music’s force and conviction balances out the darkness. The track peaks with a call to take action and “pull the lever, use a pen, press a button, or whatever” in the fall (assuming our toad president doesn’t try and suspend the election or any BS like that). Even though it’s hard to think about anything other than COVID-19 right now, there are still a myriad of problems that need to be addressed, and “The Time Has Come” conveys this sentiment convincingly.

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