Daily Yinz – Vacancy – Jasmine

Pittsburgh artist Dustin Stuppy creates peaceful, meditative electronic compositions under the name Vacancy.

Vacancy’s latest release, The End Is Also The Beginning, contains 12 gorgeous, instrumental tracks that merge ambient, empty-train-station-at-night placidity with classical music’s sweeping sense of movement. “Jasmine,” which features Patrick Hodge on drums, plays out as a suite in three parts. The track opens with fluid piano arpeggios that are soon joined by a stuttering drumbeat, before leading into an eerie, atmospheric waltz, something that two ghosts would dance to in a decrepit ballroom. The existing layers of synth and bass are then stripped away, allowing a twinkling music box melody to take center stage for a few moments before things bloom outward again. The song ends where it began (in keeping with the album title), with piano notes tumbling over each other like fish swimming upstream. Overall, imagine Erik Satie backed by some synths and a delicate, responsive drummer, and you’ve got an idea of how “Jasmine” sounds. Really beautiful stuff.

Check out more from Vacancy and follow him on social media

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