Daily Yinz – A Kid Called Gauwd – Ca$h App

A Kid Called Gauwd is a blunted Pittsburgh duo comprising rappers Baby Byron and Ase Snefru.

The Gauwd boys’ new single, “Ca$h App,” is a hazy come-on structured around a waved-out guitar n’ vocals sample that recalls Scoop Deville’s production on Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe.” Byron sets the stakes when he opens the track with the line, “Riding ’round the city/Pistol on me/Like ‘What is a felony?’,” using the resulting sense of danger to beckon the object of his affection over to the wild side of life. A line that comes a few bars later (“Let’s burn this leaf/From that adult-tree”) is one of the more clever weed puns I’ve heard in a while. Ase drops by near the end of the track, stating his willingness to fight for love (or, rather, sex) and comparing his toughness to that of Crip founder Tookie Williams. “Ca$h App” is a concise, languid hip-hop serenade, tailor-made for time spent indoors with your person.

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