Daily Yinz – Benefits – Empty Set

Benefits are a Pittsburgh power-pop group whose Go Big EP was released at the end of February.

The EP’s artwork, which blasts its title into your face with bold pink lettering, sums up the Benefits sound: chunky guitars, energetically yelped vocals, and peppy hooks. Go Big‘s second track, “Empty Set,” is the most fun song about math that I’ve heard since Schoolhouse Rock’s immortal classic, “3 Is A Magic Number.” Frontman Mike Baltzer waxes poetic about concepts that I faintly remember learning in algebra, as well as concepts I had to Google bemusedly (and still don’t understand), referencing irrational numbers, hyperreal numbers, and floating points, simmering verses that give way to an explosive refrain in which Baltzer exclaims, awestruck, “It is transcendental!” A mathematician once described his area of study to me as “beautiful”–I suppose there is something pure and elegant about numbers and equations–and the Benefits boys channel that same energy with “Empty Set.”

Check out more from Benefits and follow them on social media

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