Daily Yinz – Chandra Rhyme – Relate

Pittsburgh singer/rapper/songwriter Chandra Rhyme (fka Rhyme) is back with a breezy new single.

“Relate” establishes a vibe slightly different from the hard-edged raps of 2019’s Goin’ Up, opting instead for an easygoing springtime sway. Chandra, her voice settled into a cushion made of pillowy synths and decorated with sprigs of Marvin Gaye wah-wah notes, urges a significant other to tune out the buzz created by the fickle friends trying to obstruct their budding relationship. The track has a simple, catchy chorus; when Chandra sings, “What they talk/What they say/What they think/Doesn’t relate to us” in a clipped, rhythmic cadence, you can imagine her waving her hand dismissively with each repetition of “talk,” “say, “think,” as if each thought were a pesky fly circling her head. “Relate” is the sonic equivalent of ice melting away, a perfect song for the season.

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