Daily Yinz – Lang – Why?

Lang is a rapper from Pittsburgh’s North Side whose debut album, Henderson, dropped last week.

Lang takes a contemplative tack on the album, musing about ambition, romance, and personal growth overtop beats that range from piano-led twinklers (“What Happened?”) to distorted, menacing bangers (“Far from Home”). My favorite track is album opener “Why?”, which acts as Lang’s mission statement for the rest of the album. He throws down the gauntlet, asking himself, as well as other artists, “Would you die for the words that you create/For the stories you describe?” He then takes time to shout out the young man battling his own mind and the young woman too depressed to go outside, using his words to cast a protective spell over any and all who fit this description, inviting these struggling people to join his movement. “Why?”, when consumed alongside Henderson‘s artwork (some true Edgar Allan Poe, Masque of the Red Death shit), has the effect of an initiation into a shadowy, but virtuous, musical order, one that values solidarity, spirituality, and artistry above all.

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