Daily Yinz – BrothaMans – Wassup Freestyle

If you’re sick of being quarantined in your tiny apartment, Pittsburgh rapper BrothaMans has got you covered. The video that accompanies his recently-released “Wassup Freestyle” features shots of downtown Pittsburgh from Emerald View Park on Mt. Washington.

Don’t just come for the spectacular views, though; BrothaMans also brings the bars. Addressing his competition, he snarls, “All that bass that you had in your voice/Better be the same when I pull up with my boys,” later dismissing the frauds with the cutting line, “You ain’t got no heart/You just got blunt guts.” Repeately, BrothaMans returns to the titular phrase, using it as an introduction, a taunt, an ad-lib, and sometimes just a rhythmic cadence to chop the spaces between drum hits. The video is a fun display of braggadocio; use it to hype yourself up on this Monday morning.

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