Daily Yinz – Automb – Serpent of the Night

Automb are a Pittsburgh-based black metal trio whose music embodies a level of apocalyptic majesty that is wholly appropriate for these ridiculous and frightening times.

Automb’s latest album, Chaosophy (Witching Hour Productions) dropped last week, and features on its cover a figure that looks to be one-third gnarled tree, one-third goat, and one-third grinning skull. The album’s music could very well have emanated from this entity’s twisted maw(s), and then beamed itself transdimensionally into the Automb folks’ collective headspace to be laid down on record. The crushing “Serpent of the Night” summons no less than Jormungandr, the aquatic ouroboros of Nordic mythology whose body encircles the entire earth (and will one day crush us all). Over brutal, chromatic riffage, Walker roars “Bring forth the doom to all creation,” and “Begin Ragnorak/Kill this order,” her voice eventually overtaken by Serge Streltsov’s winding guitar interludes. This might be black metal, but Streltsov channels some serious Roger Waters energy here. All in all, “Serpent of the Night” is an epic end-of-the-world anthem for all the metalheads out there.

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