Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – To the Music World Unknown

Pittsburgh’s Mixus Brothers approach their rootsy Americana tunes with a sense of homespun enthusiasm. Chapter One of the duo’s seventh album, The Lonesome Gods, was released last week.

The release’s second track, “To the Music World Unknown,” is a brief, wistful singalong that finds Jebbh and Red Mixus intertwining high and low harmonies overtop acoustic guitar, banjo, and tambourine. They begin by singing, “Last night while I slept, I dreamt of Nashville, Tennessee/That I was up on stage a great big star.” It’s the stuff of a million childhood (and adulthood) journals and fantasies, a wish to create art and be recognized for it. The Mixus Boys awaken from this shared dream alone and at home, resignedly admitting that, until they make it down to the Grand Ole Opry, all they can do is play the more obscure confines of Allegheny County and yearn for southern climes. However, when the music swells, and the boys think of the “million guys and gals like me/that sit with guitar in hand, and just play and sing at home,” the designation of “To the Music World Unknown” becomes a label worn proudly, shared by intrepid artists everywhere. So, in the spirit of the Mixus Brothers, let’s give three cheers for the Bandcampers, SoundClouders, basement-show-dwellers, mixtapers, quarantine livestreamers, and anyone who’s ever played to an uninterested audience of ten. If only to a few people in the music world, may they be known.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – To the Music World Unknown

  1. I just gotta say that your insight and interpretation is so great on this song by The Mixus Brothers. You have a great way of describing the feel of this pretty cool little song and it makes me want to listen to it again. Thanks for taking the time to throw down a few cents of your well informed opinion!


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