Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Black Folk 4 Life

Rapper and Driving While Black Records CEO Jordan Montgomery recently released Thank You 4 Ur Patience, a mixtape containing freestyles recorded over the past few years.

The tape kicks off on a strong note with “Black Folk 4 Life,” a track on which Montgomery defiantly and eloquently tackles issues of gentrification and racism. Overtop a chopped and looped guitar riff, dusty and raw enough that you can imagine it being spun at a dingy warehouse cypher, Montgomery adopts an old-school Kanye flow and absolutely unloads on the city government that sabotaged the Hill District under the guise of renewal and is now doing the same to other neighborhoods, a criminal justice system that targets black people for imprisonment and worse, and venue promoters who exclude rappers from bills because their presence might make the hipsters nervous. “We already got one Whole Foods/They’re tryna build another!” Montgomery exclaims, incredulously. His response to these myriad injustices is simple and forceful: “We ain’t going nowhere/We can’t be stopped now.” “Black Folk 4 Life” is a statement of purpose from one of Pittsburgh hip-hop’s leading voices.

Check out more from Jordan Montgomery and follow him on Instagram


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