Daily Yinz – Chariot Fade – Camel’s Eye

The indie-pop masterminds of Chariot Fade return with a double single called Tenderness Hits/Camel’s Eye.

“Camel’s Eye,” which features some gorgeous cello work from Eric Weidenhof, represents C-Fade’s take on the good ol’ power ballad. The track is propelled forward by a deep, bubbling synth line, Weidenhof’s strings darting in and out to add some symphonic drama to the proceedings. During the chorus, the music swells as Stephen Gallo delivers cryptic lyrics with a lighters-waving-in-the-sky-before-him intensity; I don’t know what “Casual wreckage in the camel’s eye/Passing the decades a promise sends” means, but it gets the people (meaning me) going!

Stray observations:

  1. The elastic dip in Jonathan Chamberlain’s voice, mirrored by Weidenhof’s cello, on the phrase “cold lens” at the end of the first chorus gives me some serious “I Am The Walrus“-era Beatles vibes.
  2. According to Brian Eno, the only thing in the camel’s eye was a needle. That was in 1974, though, so I guess more wreckage has accumulated since then. Poor camel.

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