Daily Yinz – Najj Andrea – Girlfriend

Najj Andrea is an up-and-coming Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who has proven herself adept at the art of the heartbreak song.

Over the past year or so, Andrea has dropped several ballads, ranging in style from icy minimalism to dramatic opulence, that have taken deep dives into the feeling of romantic disconnect. The trend continues with “Girlfriend,” a glassy, piano-augmented kiss-off that dropped a few weeks back. The track finds Andrea realizing that her significant other is going to do her dirty despite the care and effort she’s invested in the relationship; after running through a laundry list of shady/callous/misguided behavior, Andrea concludes, “You’re not worth it/Not ready for my love.” The song’s lyrics, which are partially sung and partially rapped, contain enough empathy and understanding to keep the sentiment from coming off as one-note; at one point, Andrea admits, “I still care/Even though you don’t deserve it.” Love is a complicated emotion, and Andrea explores it with an impressive amount of nuance on “Girlfriend.”

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