Daily Yinz – Chiller – Dread Creeps In

Chiller is a Pittsburgh punk outfit whose music sounds quite different than what its name might imply.

Chiller’s new self-titled EP clocks in at exactly 318 seconds, so we’ll keep this post brief to match. The group kicks in the door with opening track “Dread Creeps In,” a hyperactive barrage of barked vocals, galloping drums, and razor wire guitar that contorts itself into chord progressions actually resembling something like pop-punk (well, maybe early Rise Against, at least). The Chiller on mic duties weaves a tale of someone who has “entombed ghosts inside their mind” and finishes the track by warning, “Weep at the sound when your worst fear walks inside!” Chill? Not really. Kickass hardcore punk? Definitely.

Check out more from Chiller. No social media as far as I can tell.

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