Daily Yinz – Dewey Markie – House N’ Da Hillz

Dewey Markie is a Pittsburgh rapper whose latest EP, One Time On Gross St., dropped in February.

The EP’s artwork features an aerial view of the Gross/Friendship intersection in Bloomfield (or is it Garfield?), a juncture at which the far corner of a one-way roundabout merges with a one-way street while simultaneously t-boning into another two-way street. I’ve nearly been smacked by several cars while trying to navigate this area on foot; I’m not sure if it’s actually confusing, or if I’m just dumb.

Regardless, Dewie Markie is anything but confused on Gross St, about his loyalties, his principles, or his goals. “House N’ Da Hillz” acts as Markie’s origin story, and features a contemplative instrumental that allows the artist to unspool expository bars about his life to this point. Reflecting on the struggles of his youth, Markie longs to earn enough money to move his mother to a nicer pad, and also shouts out his sister (who is “probably making art as we speak”). “Who knew that we would be this dope/Back when we was rocking hand-me-down tees?” he wonders. Markie’s rhymes tend to slant, and he sometimes eschews them altogether in favor of a stream-of-consciousness flow, all of which feels authentic and natural. “House N’ Da Hillz” is a detailed, motivational statement from a rising artist.

Check out more from Dewey Markie and follow him on Instagram

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