Daily Yinz – Julia Capuzzi – N.Y.C.

Julia Capuzzi is a singer/songwriter who splits time between Pittsburgh and Boston; her debut EP, Simple Minds, dropped a few weeks back.

Take a cup of Norah Jones’s sleepy, sophisticated coffee shop-jazz-pop and drop a synthy Alka-Seltzer into its depths, instilling the soothing brew with a subtle electronic fizz. Boom: you’ve got the music on Simple Minds. The EP’s opening track, “N.Y.C.,” features a wispy vocal hook that would sound at home in the chorus of a late-2000’s backpack rap or radio anthem; one listen and it’s in your head for the day. Backed by a stuttering drumbeat, muted piano, and string accents, Capuzzi sings about the sweet sorrows of a relationship conducted between New York and Los Angeles. “Take me on a car ride or an airplane flight/I’ll meet you halfway,” she promises, lamenting the “miles and miles” that separate her from this other person. Capuzzi interacts with the instrumental the same way a rapper would, playing off its pauses and empty spaces to create a sense of movement within the song’s low-key sonic space. The result is a catchy, understated pop-hop ballad; a strong first entry from a rising artist.

Check out more from Julia Capuzzi and follow her on social media

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