Daily Yinz – Merce Lemon – Moon Shots

Merce Lemon is a Pittsburgh indie-folker whose first two EPs are being reissued in March (along with some bonus material) on the Crafted Sounds label under the title Ride Every Day.

Ride Every Day‘s lead single, “Moon Shots,” was originally included on Crafted Sounds’s April 2019 Bridges compilation. It’s an aching lo-fi ballad that glows with an internal warmth, consisting of only a strummed guitar and several layers of gossamer vocal harmonies, all cocooned within a cozy blanket of analogue fuzz. Seriously, you could rub your hands over this thing in the dead of winter and use it to fight off seasonal affective disorder. While the music itself might be eiderdown for the ears, the lyrics are sorrowful; Merce sings of a heartbreaker who’s caught in the thrall of celestial bodies (“You say the moon is giving you powers/It’s calling the shots”), mourning their broken relationship before finally proclaiming, “Romance is dead/Gather all of your friends.” If that’s true, then let “Moon Shots” be your gentle, funereal lullaby for the occasion.

Check out more from Merce Lemon and follow her on social media, and stay tuned for the release of Ride Every Day on March 14th

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