Daily Discovery 02.11.20

ohslo – Collider

Ohslo are a Dutch duo whose bedroomy music evokes images of tropical dream states and luminescent coral reefs. “Collider,” from Ohslo’s recent release, Honeymoon, uses flitting synths, jingling tambourine, and sedated, sighing vocals to transport listeners to an insular paradise.


The Riot Peddlers – Muslim Dudes On Bikes

Mumbai’s The Riot Peddlers peddle their riots using furious, sarcastic punk rock. With “Muslim Dudes On Bikes,” the closer from the group’s album, Strength In Dumbers, the boys present themselves as Riot Pedalers (terrible pun, I know), taking out their anger on an unjust society by hopping on bikes and “lighting these streets on fire.” Part tongue-in-cheek critique of unconstructive venting behaviors, part badass motorbike anthem, the track is funny, topical, and thrilling.


A Plant Community – Mediterranean Dream

Saint Petersburg, Russia’s A Plant Community constructed his new album, Catalan Drafts, using field recordings from northeastern Spain and the French Riviera, tying these naturalistic sounds together using analog synthesizers. “Mediterranean Dream” brings a placid stretch of Barcelona coastline right to your headphones using melodic arpeggios that sparkle like sun on late afternoon waves.

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