Daily Discovery 02.05.20

Ukeme – Natural Light

With “Natural Light,” a song from his new release, mornings, Austin, TX’s Ukeme stunts on everyone with a Prius, a helping of farm-to-table food, some B-sides, and lots of natural light. It’s a a contented humble brag delivered with a hefty dose of chimes. Good for anyone who can’t stand fluorescent lights.


May Leitz – Serpent Son

Do you like lo-fi, bedroom-produced goth hymns blown out with tons of reverb? If so, Fort Worth, TX’s May Leitz has got you covered with “Serpent Son,” a track from her upcoming album, Doom. “Everything will be as one,” she intones overtop horror movie synths and rustically clopping percussion; it’s a strange mix of sounds all smudged together in a work of spooky impressionism.


CAMPULASKISHOUSEFIRE – carouselsnipervictim

Looking at the Bandcamp page for North Andover, MA’s CAMPULASKISHOUSEFIRE is kind of like listening to their music; unintelligible strings of syllables, lyrics shouted in capital letters, jarring images smashed together in a hyperactive collage. “Carouselsnipervictim,” from the band’s self-titled release, is all dissonant chords and herky-jerky drums; bassist Hugh Schmidt caterwauls, “Watch it all go down/Watch it all go up in flames.” He’s probably talking about listeners’ brains.


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